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As a minister and a man who prides himself on loving others, praying for others, believing in miracles, I find myself heartbroken over the death of my mother, Donna Hendrix. From the well of my despair, troubling questions have surfaced. Was I living a foolish lie to believe I could help her beat pancreatic cancer?

Or just as likely, we’ve got questions and you’ve got answers.

Did I think my prayer would reach heaven where others had failed? Did they fail? Or does God act according to his purpose, which we often cannot see or understand? We always think of "Yes," when the answer may well be "Wait" or "No. A pastor friend told me to examine my life and attitude in light of God's works. If my mom was still sick, there was a reason, and God would reveal it to me as I sought him diligently.

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And seek him I did. And yet, I often wondered -- did I have hope, not faith? Hope that she would be healed I became aware that I felt a pain in my chest when I would say, "Your will be done. I now realize I could not persuade God to heal my mother against his own will. In the midst of my mother's illness, I watched as a family begged God to heal their baby -- a baby who could not have done any wrong, a baby who was blameless.

The father told me he didn't understand why God showed respect for others' lives over his baby's. Was it respect or his will again? I disagree with doctrine that suggests that if you are not healed, something is amiss in your life.

Do We Need to ‘See’ to ‘Know’?

As the apostle Paul might have described it, a thorn was in my mother's flesh. In my mother's case, many thorns were in her flesh. My sweet, godly mother was ravaged by pancreatic cancer, not sin or punishment. I thought of the baby who died of cancer, my mother who died of cancer, and I realized: although God is interested in every detail of our lives, his ultimate plan is for us to spend eternity with him.

We are at the table of our lives on Earth, so we cannot see the big puzzle or pieces in God's will or eternity. I watched as my mother begged God for a healing. My sisters, my friends, we all begged for a healing. Why does God heal some and not others?


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Our spirits were just as strong, our hope and faith was unbreakable. We were tried, and we felt victorious. Black holes are so powerful that--according to current hypotheses of physicists--they let nothing escape their presence. They are the physical epitome of blackness and totality. Ultimately, the totality and blackness of black holes seem to symbolize the totality of God, the fact that He only Is, and that all forms--including light--submit to His presence.

Is Seeing God Enough to Believe?

And, interestingly enough, within our physical universe lives a smaller black hole: the pupil, which takes in light and allows us to see. It is profound that this black hole of sorts is within each one of us. Each eye is quintessentially the same, containing a pupil that takes in the light. This commonality to "take in light" is a testament to an all-encompassing Oneness that transcends diversity. Blackness is an unbelievably meaningful and beautiful expression of God. But, ultimately, one can create a variety of narratives to argue the metaphysical symbolism of blackness or whiteness.

Why does God hate me?

We can see it any way we want. Some will see whiteness as holiness and blackness as evil. Some others will see both blackness and whiteness as the majesty and beauty of the Divine. If we see the world to symbolize Heaven, then it will likely look a bit like Heaven. And if we want it to see it as Hell, then it will seem like Hell. Whatever it is, the perspective that we create for ourselves defines our spiritual viewpoint. So define goodness with whatever color that you want--it does not matter because, at the end of the day, the color does not reveal the Divine. Rather, the Divine reveals the color.

Who is the girl in this rusty bed? Why am I back in a filthy room? Why is her voice ringing in my head? Why am I high on her cheap perfume?

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Vietnam Hey look I mean you no offence But why does nothing here make sense? Why God? Show your hand Why can't one guy understand? I've been with girls who knew much more I never felt confused before Why me? What's your plan?