Walking After Midnight: A Quimby Jonze Mystery

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He pulls his binoculars and steps to the door. A large rolling door slides open to let them in.

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INDY lowers the binoculars, wondering what the hell to do. The hangar's a huge cavern filled with It's a maze of gantries, catwalks, experimental arcana, machinery, and mountains of crates marked quot;Top Secret. What do you mean it's not good enough? That was the deal! The deal has changed.

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The scene is lit from above by china hats, putting tense and sweaty faces into heavy light and shadow. YURI The deal can't be changed. Arrangements have been made. This has been a year in the planning. He motions Stanislav to his side. Stanislav raises an attache case, unleashing it. It's full of neatly stacked money. Quimby's a mousy little fellow with a pocketwatch in his vest.

Avery's taller and stouter, wearing a rather distinctive pale yellow plaid suit. Considering the risks we're taking, it's not enough. Oddly enough, he raises a bowling ball bag into view. It's incongruous and highly distinctive, made all the more so by the red-green-and-black tartan pattern on its sides.

Hands reach out of the darkness behind him and yank him into the shadows YURI O. The question is, Professor Quimby, what is it worth to you? The overhead lights and his M. I quite agree. A smoking hole appears in the fabric. Professor Avery clutches his heart, blood suddenly trickling through his fingers. He drops dead at Quimby's feet. Quimby is frozen with fear as Yuri draws closer.

Yuri takes the attache case of money from Stanislav and offers it to Quimby. YURI Now you don't have to split it two ways. Your fee is double. An extremely thin and sinister individual dressed all in black.

Walking After Midnight: A Quimby Jonze Mystery

He looks like Death in a homburg hat. Make no mistake — there's enormous power coiled in his wraith-like frame. His rat-thin face displays an old, livid scar that runs forehead to chin, bisecting a milky dead eye. YURI You have arrangements to make. The Thin Man nods and departs like an oiled shadow, vanishing toward the exit.

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Yuri snaps his fingers at his men. They hop to it, scurrying to load the plutonium in the truck. Indy jumps in to help, brushing past Yuri's elbow, his face shadowed by his M. He grabs a corner of the pallet and helps lift it off the floor. They maneuver it through the rear doors of the panel truck, slide it in the last few feet. Everybody turns, rushing to Professor Avery lying dead on the floor, preparing to lift him He tosses Indy an irritated look. INDY No loading zone, pal. Indy punches him through the open window. The guy tumbles from view. He jams it in gear and floors it, tires spinning smoke — THE TRUCK wipes from view, revealing the spies standing there lugging a dead guy in a yellow suit.

Come back, you idiot!

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  5. TRUCK Indy gets to the end of the aisle and spins the wheel through a hard degree turn, the truck's rear doors banging around like open shutters. The path ahead is blocked. He spins the wheel 90 degrees again and is suddenly going back the way he came, only down a different aisle. They make a lateral dash through the machinery and crates into the next aisle.

    Yuri's waving his arms and hollering for the truck to stop — — and he sees Indy at the wheel.

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    Stunned, Yuri spins toward camera as the truck blasts by him. Aim for the driver! Go, go! A mad scramble. Somebody hits a switch, turning on the main overhead lights. The rest, led by Yuri, pursue on foot through the maze of machinery Indy drives like a maniac, turning this way and that, looking for an exit — — while the jeeps hurtle along on parallel or intersecting courses, trying to hem him in; one moment converging, the next being forced to split off in different directions giving Mr.

    Spielberg the opportunity to stage the most breath-takingly outrageous near misses every put on film! His eyes go wide as: Up ahead, Jeep 1 hurtles into his path with Stanislav at the wheel, coming right at him. Indy ducks as the bullets stitch a line of holes across his windshield.

    Patsy Cline-Walkin' After Midnight

    Suddenly, Indy's eyes go wide again — through the open rear doors, he sees Jeep 2 appear, coming up fast from behind. With moments to spare, Indy spins the wheel, sending the truck into a sliding degree turn still backing up , abruptly clearing the aisle — — and revealing the two jeeps to each other. Coming head-on. Both drivers hit the brakes — too late! They collide, with Jeep 2 tipping onto its side and sliding, vaulting men through the air. And just when every body's coming to the senses: Indy nails them again, flooring it out of there in forward gear.

    He plows through the jeeps and off he goes! Stanislav furiously cranks his ignition. Still in the chase! He takes off after Indy with three men hanging on for dear life, leaving the others behind.

    Yuri and his men run up to gather the dazed troops. This way!

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    They all look. We can cut them off! Everybody runs off with Quimby leading the way. Weapons are raised and cocked as the truck nears. YURI What are you doing!? They let him pass! He laughs Quimby punches the last two buttons, top and bottom.