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Post a Comment. In the intimate space of The Vault the story is occasionally touching, frequently hilarious, and constantly engaging for the entire audience. By filling multiple roles, the actors portray Dickens as well as all of the key characters who appear in A Christmas Carol. As Dickens imagines each character or scene, the actors assume the roles and play the characters evolving in his mind.

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Sound dry and convoluted? Most of the cast members play countless roles, constantly disappearing and reappearing with new hair, costumes, accents and attitudes as they shift from ghosts to turkey boys, laundresses to Mrs. The Vault offers little in the way of elaborate sets, and compensates with lots of state-of-the-art toys for those wonderful backstage geeks who conspire with our imaginations to deliver the necessary ambience.

But the wonder of the church is that any woman in the family of faith can mother in meaningful ways, encouraging and inspiring growth in younger women.

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Mary Magdalene has a reputation for being emotional, if not unstable. Meanwhile Mary the mother of Jesus is usually depicted as supernaturally composed, her emotion perfectly contained beneath a serene expression.

But when Mary first encountered Jesus outside the empty tomb, she supposed he was the gardener. Five years ago I read W.

His psychological insights into the players that populate the narrative breathe life into a story that often feels too familiar to fully appreciate. We all need other voices to help us find the meaning we crave.

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There are words that hang in the air. Some words dissipate like vapor, but others linger, their full force felt weeks, months, or even years later as they settle in our minds and hearts. This is a blessing to mark her 95th birthday. The first time I saw this portrait of Mary at Chora church in Istanbul, I had no idea what to make of it. Questions flooded my mind: What did it mean?


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And most confounding: Why was Jesus holding a baby swaddled in white? His grave is fully exposed to the rays of the sun from dawn to dusk. And when night falls, it basks in the lunar glow. What relevance could a 6th-century cathedral possibly have for the life of a 21st-century girl? But a visit to the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey taught me that Christians from the past can speak into our present.

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We still wander awed, says Annie Dillard, because this world is dear.