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Watching it again recently, I was struck by the conventional and schematic nature of this four-character portrait of a family vacation in hell. But it makes arresting use of the bleak beauty of Faro island, where it was shot as were many subsequent Bergman movies , and intense, soul-probing close-ups of a cast that includes Harriet Andersson and Max von Sydow. Worton has stripped away much of what ambiguity it had. Parallels between different characters and their searches for faith have been heightened and tidied. This process involves the elimination of the most quoted moment in the film, in which Karin perceives God as a spider.

When I saw an earlier version of Ms. But Ms. This colorless world is the island off Sweden where David Mr.


Sarandon , a novelist, and his family have long kept their summer home, a world suffused with memories of the time when Mother, who killed herself, was still alive. It is here that the clan goes shortly after Karin has been released from a mental hospital, a hopeful, anxious crew that also includes Martin Mr. Rosenfield , her year-old brother.

Obsessed with his work and his literary status, the solipsistic David has been a remote, emotionally guarded father. I find myself staring into the abyss. View all New York Times newsletters. The direction of Mr. But despite earnest and sometimes biting performances by Mr.

Sarandon, Mr. Harner and Mr.

18 December 2018: Through a Glass Darkly

Rosenfield, the production as a whole never builds as strongly as it needs to its shattering climaxes. Mulligan makes us believe equally and unconditionally in both those worlds. Karin, you see, hears not only bird calls that no one else hears but also unheard melodies and words. Every aspect of Ms. Watch her, if you dare, when Karin is alone in her bedroom, waiting for Martin, and transforms a series of simple stretches and jaw movements into a quiet but definitely high-stakes wrestling match with herself.

And though she appears partly nude a couple of times, the nakedness that shocks here is of another, far more intimate kind. Such vision is a rare and frightening privilege afforded only by acting of the highest order. Then he lets himself be more and more known to her, and the human being gets to test the strength of the god, learns to love him, sacrifices for him, and finds herself forced into the utmost devotion and then into complete emptiness.

When this emptiness has been accomplished, the god takes possession of this human being and accomplishes his work through her hands. Then he leaves her empty and burned out, without any possibility of continuing to live in this world. That is what happens to Karin.

And the borderline that she crosses is bizarre pattern on the wallpaper. Generally speaking Through a Glass Darkly was positively received, and the tone of the reviews can be broadly summed up by Robin Hood at the end of the piece he wrote in Stockholms-Tidningen: "It cannot be gauged by ordinary film standards.

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Yet one can say that it is Bergman's most significant film, the final point in the protracted development of his qualities. Some films are art. Ingmar Bergman's Through a Glass Darkly is art.

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And as such, it can be reviewed as art would be. Let me just say, therefore, that the creator of this work of art is obviously ashamed of being an artist. And that this, to a certain extent, affects his artistry through fear, yet it also gives it its tautness. The problem appears to be insoluble. The same line of reasoning was taken up by Artur Lundkvist, writing in the film magazine Chaplin:.

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How far is Bergman aware of what he has expressed or has wanted to express in his film? It seems as if he put his faith as far as possible in inspiration, in art as self-supporting magic. But then he draped it in a measure of more or less misleading rationalisation, external clarification, perhaps with the intention of not giving away too much of himself. This inadequate clarification of his own motives appears to furnish him with the feelings of guilt towards art to which he constantly returns.

The process seems to be intimately linked with the terms under which he works, a fruitful concealment of the forces that one often discerns in Bergman as the sign of an "adolescent neurosis" that has not left him. Lack of clarity as to content and purpose often conspire to make Bergman's films disturbing and interesting, seductive and challenging precisely because of their ambiguity. This is the artistic dilemma that both drives him forward yet runs the risk of dragging him down, since it is both his strength and his weakness.

Martin: You're hunting for themes. Your own daughter's mental illness. What a great bloody idea! Martin: You're empty but capable. And now you're trying to fill your void with Karin's extinction.

Through a Glass Darkly (Såsom i en spegel) - Breaking Down Bergman - Episode #23

But how will God fit into that? It must make him more inscrutable than ever!

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David: I don't know whether love is proof of God's existence, or if love is God. Minus: For you, love and God are the same? David: I rest my emptiness and my dirty hopelessness in that thought. The search for God, which is complicated by and confused with lust and madness, is the central theme of this trilogy. Karin Harriet Andersson , daughter, wife, and recently released mental patient, convalesces at her family's seaside summer cabin, where the men in her life have hardly a clue what emotional sustenance the confused and delusional woman might require. That Karin is to be consumed in the search for God is the film's ever-controversial premise, made all the more provocative by the implied eternal detachment of Bergman's significantly male God.

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Feature Film, About the film The first draft of what was to become Through a Glass Darkly is in the form of a note on the last page of the script for Bergman's preceding film, The Virgin Spring. My worbook middle of March : 'A god speaks to her. Sources The Ingmar Bergman Archives.