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But when she catches the unwanted attention of The Cobras, she soon finds herself fighting for her life and freedom as well as the rest of the world's. To make things even more complicated, sparks between her and a certain black clad ninja start to fly. Marco will let you know if he agrees with them or not.

Once he can stop thinking about what Ace's ass looks like in a tight skirt. Bishies oujisama by ohmayabird reviews Fairy Gakuen's female population had their hearts broken by Fairy Gakuen's princes. Makarov will not tolerate them any longer.

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Akatsuki no Sakura by Tatitatianna reviews The once energetic, fun loving, and bright pink haired kunoichi, has completely vanished.. Thus leaving this stoic, emotionless, frail looking, and immensly powerful shell of a woman in her wake.

She's sent on a s rank mission.. Kindness by DemonMisstress reviews AU Tsunade decides to support 9 boys from the Akatsuki sanctuary in the war torn country of Amakagure for Sakura's birthday. When the war ends, the 9 boys will be brought to Konoha for a new life. But what happens when Tsunade is on a year-long trip in the Alps and Sakura is home alone when the boys- now men, show up at her doorstep.

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Oh god, what will the neighbors think? Through Time: The Rewrite by Tilunar reviews They had forever, and she had so many regrets and desires.

He'll bend time for her and watch as her choices play out and change the future. But the question is, will Sakura's choices bring a happy ending or will in all end in misery? It was inevitable.

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Something that sinister wouldn't disappear overnight after all, but what she hadn't anticipated was her past to come knocking, quite literally, at her front door years later. The one thing Tsuna learnt was to never underestimate the power of his jealous guardians. On the other hand, Tsuna wished his other self would stop being mean and find pleasure in making them jealous.

The fight is on! The Notebook by hotoffthefryer reviews In which a little notebook spirals things so out of control that I'm best friends with Yamanaka Ino, Karin wants me dead, Tsunade has a search warrant out for me, and the entire male student body wants me. But the catch? None of them know who I even am.

The Challenge by Sariniste reviews For over one hundred years, Aizen Sousuke has manipulated—and corrupted—souls for his use and amusement. Nothing has ever interfered with his schemes for power. Threats of violence; compulsion; deceit. AiHime, follows canon through chapter Aizen] - Complete. But there exist someone who truly cares for him. More than that,she loves him and would do everything to protect him. As for Genkaku,he finally found something to hold onto. Genkaku A. Tsuna's Charm by Tenshi-Oujosama reviews Tsuna is very cute and adorable even if he's a mafia boss to be.

This is a simple story revolving around different people falling for Tsuna's charm. The Quarry by Sariniste reviews Halloween is approaching, and with it a once-in-a-century dark conjunction that offers the opportunity for evil to engulf the earth. A vampire lord reaches for power; all that stands in his way is one young girl and her unique ability. Vampire AU, AiHime.

When the laboratory he rested in was burned down, leaving only his room untouched, Tsuna finds himself in the presence of Set after the current events of the manga chapter as of this posting. Going Sideways by TaikoHawk reviews Jutsu intrinsically twist the laws of physics and what is possible.

Sakura really shouldn't be surprised when accidentally mixing a few of them pretzels time and space. Flashfic series. Akatsuki Kitten: Phoenix Corporation Overhaul by phoenixyfriend reviews In the world of parodies, logic is a power all of its own. An OC doesn't need to be special to be interesting, and romance isn't a necessity.

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When the Akatsuki fall into the real world, catty to the extreme, well Maka is stuck in a realistic nightmare. Will she be able to escape or will the insanity consume her? I will let you decide. Crossing Lions by neptunian-burial reviews "Yes, the past can hurt, but the way I see it is you can either run from it.. They turn into rare newborn lion cubs, and are found by the lion conservation. The Wonderful World of Puberty by Deaths. Prayer reviews From childhood to adulthood and all of the confusion in between, Tsuna learns what it means to grow up and he has various teachers that aide him in such a difficult process.

Drabble-esque and can be read in any order. Rating T through M. All27 Discontinued on this site! What hardships will they have to endure to stay together? Friends will step forward, enemies will appear and romance will bloom. More pairings to come later. Masamune, S. Ore no koto aishiteru? Radiate reviews Translation: Do you love me? How can you fix the person that you broke in the first place?

Kaiba, K. Threads Of Desire by Kineticfairy reviews In time of war Sakura's betrothed is captured and she travels to Otogakure to beg for his life. Ebooks

Sasuke, prince of Otogakure fascinated by the courageous girl, agrees to release the prisoners, only if she will stay with him. Yggdrasil University by pencilmate reviews The Arcobaleno enroll in a prestigious university that trains up-and-coming contractors and summons. Everyone is anticipating the wonders and almighty power of the Arcobaleno, but the question is who is qualified enough to be chosen as their partners?

Through an unfortunate event, Reborn ends up contracting with probably the weakest summon in the world, Sawada Tsunayoshi. R27 Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Complicated Candidates by dragontamer ri-chan reviews Sakura hates going home to fourteen possessive overyly obssessed men who think they have a say in who she marries. Welcome to just another day in men filled chaos. Half Breed by ozsia reviews In a world full of bigots you don't want to be half-breed Tsunayoshi; thrown out of his realm for his mixed blood and into the realm of the humans, he battles to keep himself himself.

That is, until he gets a visit from someone unexpected - a demon, named Reborn, who drops the bombshell that he is now the heir to the kingdom that abounded him, and is to be crowned king Money, ghosts, the Black Order, other supernatural occurrences and a stalker Allen Walker, exorcist for hire. Tyki Mikk, his own personal stalker. Under the boss by nailfail02 reviews Summary:- Izaya has his own company, Shizuo is a hermaphrodite working for him, while hiding his secret. He hates his boss and wants nothing to do with him. What happens when his secret gets found out?

Rating:- M. Disclaimer:- I don't own Durarara.

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Warning:- Izaya, language, yaoi Durarara!! Twisted by ChildLikeProblems reviews It was disgusting.

Book Review: Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin - New Adult Fantasy Romance

Men shouldn't act like this. The need, the want. It was a undying lust that grew hungrier every time it was feed. He couldn't remember when it started. Nor did he care. It was just a game. A sick twisted game. And he was creating the rules. Using them against himself. Being a puppet in his own show. It angered him, but he couldn't stop. Sinful Pastime by Devil Miharu reviews Tsuna has been scared of vampires since he was small, due to Giotto just happens to be one of these sexy creatures of the night, and he's hungry for something more than blood.

G27, varying Anyone27, Rated for violence, smut? T for swearing. I will put chapter 7 up though. Let's just hope that poor newbie Tsunayoshi doesn't get involved in their feud. R27 vs. G27 vs. ALL27 Main Pairing still unknown!