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West is an excellent writer. Cave Sensual and steamy, erotic and amusing, here are seventeen stories of erotic romance by K. I quantity. West Related. Reviews There are no reviews yet.

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Stillness and ecstasy…. Sign Up Now Get three hot stories! Close this module. Sign up now to get a collection of our hottest stories! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The tub was hot and the rain cold. This mixture was sensual, even erotic, as I allowed my body to fully experience these sensations.

I would like to have shared the moment with a woman and missed Connie's company. During the remainder of the evening, I sat on the patio deck, drank beer and enjoyed the ambiance. There are times when the sight, sound and smell of rain are magical. This was one of those times. I got sleepy and returned to the camp site around pm.

Thank God, the tent was dry and remained so throughout the night while the rain continued to pour down. Day 2, Thursday, June 2, Cathy and Mat have very generously allowed me to set up my laptop in Cathy's office located in downtown Cleveland. I spent a good part of the morning trying to connect to their network and DSL gateway. So far, I have not been successful. Their son, a computer guru, will work on this issue for me. In the meantime, I connected through a local dial-up number and was able to successfully retrieve my emails. The rain finally stopped around noon.

It was very overcast the rest of the day, but, at long last, I could freely move about without getting soaked.

After returning to the Grove, I took a long swim. The water was cold from all of the rain, but my body adjusted and I found the water and cool, damp outside air refreshing.

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Two new couples arrived today. Michael and Vicki lead an interesting life, traveling the country full time in their luxury 40 foot, quad slide-out motor home. They write and photo shoot for two adult and one swinger magazine. The adult magazines are called " Over 40 " and " Over 50 ". As the names imply, they feature mature women. I can't recall the name of the swinger publication.

They travel the country, visit nudist resorts and attend major lifestyle events. I was intrigued to learn that he writes all of the stories, but does so under her name because their readers find female authorship more erotic. Because men and women tend to have different writing styles, I asked if anyone has seen through this bit of trickery. They informed me that, thus far, no one has.

Joe and Amanda arrived late, after dark. They are from Indianapolis and stopped at the Grove on their way home after visiting their children who live in the South. After they got out of the hot tub, we chatted on the patio deck for some time. They are active in the lifestyle and eager to discover the joys of combining nudism with the pleasures of the lifestyle.

I assured them that they are at the right place. I often tell Connie, "I love you: mind, body and spirit. Last weekend, we traveled to Louisville, Kentucky and handed over our two young daughters to grandparents and aunts for the next three weeks. For whatever reason, life interfered and we failed to make love during the period after returning from Louisville on Monday until my departure for the Grove on Wednesday.

Connie is due to arrive around mid-afternoon tomorrow and I sure hope our first order of business involves a visit to the Charter House "CH" , the Grove's play house, for an extended love making session. Day 3, Friday, June 3, Already, I have fallen into a routine.

episode seventeen: a star is porn

I awake around , soak in the hot tub and then it's off to town. In Cleveland, I eat breakfast at Ma Gooch's, pick up supplies at Ingles and then proceed to Cathy's office to retrieve emails and perform other tasks common to my business. I still have not seen sunshine.

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There were only a few scattered showers, but it remained heavily overcast through-out the day. I spent most of the afternoon reading while awaiting Connie's arrival. I recently purchased another copy for her to read but she has thus far failed to get to it, so now I'm reading it again. The book deals, simply and superbly, with the emotional and psychological aspects of non-monogamy. The chapter on jealousy alone is well worth the price of the book. Connie arrived late, around pm. She took the day off and apparently enjoyed her time alone, sans husband and children. She lounged around the house most of the day before heading for the Grove.

We immediately headed to the club house where we enjoyed a fine dinner. Debbie works her butt off and always seems to come up with excellent dishes for the guests. A group of four couples, including Connie and me, went to the CH after conversing for a long time in the hot tub. Initially, the group room resembled a Chinese fire drill as we sorted out who was going to do what to whom.

In the hot tub, Connie and Joe made no secret of their intentions by playing footsie; however, before they could hook up in the group room, someone else rather rudely jumped in. Connie dealt with the situation and before long she and Joe were doing their thing.

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I was drawn to Indigo, a woman with an attractive, youthful body. Earlier, to test the water, I sat next to her on a small bench by the hot tub. Instead of pulling away, she pressed her hips and thighs into mine, a promising sign indeed. We managed to find each other when the fire drill unfolded and spent a pleasurable evening together. Day 4, Saturday, June 4, Sunshine, at last! The sky was still somewhat overcast, but the sun managed to break through. It was very hot and we did all of the usual poolside sun and fun stuff. At the CH, or any other party situation, Connie and I make it a point to reserve the last round for ourselves.

Unfortunately, that didn't happen Friday night. I got much needed stress relief, but still had not made love to my wife. In order to rectify this situation, we vowed to reserve Saturday exclusively for ourselves. The theme for the evening was Naughty School Girl and Connie looked very hot in her outfit.

The plan was to attend the dance and then leave early for the CH before anyone else arrived. We departed even earlier than expected. Two minutes in the club house breathing toxic, smoke-filled air and risking hearing impairment from the overly loud music was all we could handle. As expected, we had the CH to ourselves. We went to a private room and I had Connie lay naked, spread-eagled face down on the bed with her legs overhanging.

I stood between her legs and went to work on her butt cheeks. In the interest of marital harmony and self-preservation, all of my strokes were gentle.

click here Afterwards, we made love. Connie and I were rather innocently watching the shoot; nonetheless, Doc concluded, as I had earlier, that Connie was indeed naughty and in need of punishment.

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He brought out his full array of floggers, paddles and buggy whips. He positioned me in a chair and had Connie support her arms on the chair rests as she bent over. I was perfectly postured to kiss and console her as Doc worked his magic on her hind quarters using many of his disciplinary tools. Unlike my earlier administrations, her ass resembled the color of Rudolf's nose at the conclusion of her punishment. Doc knew what he was doing and definitely got away with far more than what she would have ever allowed me to do.

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I touched her genitals for evidence of arousal and she was soaked.