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Now, to call this place puny would be an understatement.

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However, it is an easy-breezy 5-minute or less walk to impossibly trendy Abbot Kinney Boulevard and only 10 minutes by hoof to the beach. And our Ms. According to Forbes, the extended Cargill family is the fourth-wealthiest in America , and no fewer than 12 members are official billionaires. Never heard of the Cargills? For decades, the family has strenuously striven to keep their name out of the papers and gossip rags or off of TMZ , as is the modern-day equivalent.

What little online information there is about Ms. Cargill can be summarized in a few sentences. She is in her early 30s and was born and raised in Minneapolis. According to her personal website , Ms. Cargill is the daughter of Austen S.

Cargill II and his first ex-wife. Shall we take a look at Ms. Shit, just looking at this place makes Yolanda feel short and dumpy. Which we are.

But we digress! A short stone pathway leads past a small patch of maybe fake? The house back up to an alleyway, and another wooden gate slides open to reveal a two car garage, perfect for making a discreet entrance or exit from the premises. Naturally, the home is equipped with a high-tech security and camera system, as is required at the residence of a billionaire heiress.

An otherwise small front living room is made larger thanks to its folding doors that bring the outdoors inside. He has never revealed where he disposed of Samantha's body. A last-minute appeal by Attorney-General Mark Speakman to block the release appeared to have failed on Wednesday night.

Guider was sentenced to 17 years' jail in for the manslaughter of Samantha.

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Serving 16 years for 77 sexual offences against 13 children, Guider was given a minimum sentence of 12 years, making him eligible for parole in June Samantha's father, Peter O'Meagher said at the time: "I wish he'd never be released. Christine Cargill, 72, said she met Guider in the late s at the Wayside Chapel where she was working in the crisis centre and he was a counsellor. One of her daughters was about nine and the other seven. He asked me where I lived. I said Kirribilli and he said, oh, I've moved to Kirribilli.

Ms Cargill was going through separation from her husband and one day he failed to arrive to take the girls for the weekend.

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I took my eldest to the Wayside Chapel and there was Michael. He then wormed his way into her affections very, very quickly," she said. He had no access unless I was with them. He gradually started dropping in all the time.

The girls liked him and he played with them and he'd take photos. He always had a camera. The state's bid to keep notorious paedophile Michael Guider behind bars failed on Tuesday. Credit: Mark Williams.


Baby Girl Cargill

A few years later the family moved to the inner west and Guider had dropped off the radar but then started coming back. I just didn't trust him. He put a lock and padlock on my eldest daughter's door on the inside when I wasn't there," Ms Cargill said.

I said get it off. He was dropping in when I was at work.