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And how we react to them also depends on our own individual personality. You love writing, you love languages, you love creative expression, you love people, community and connection, you love stories, you love dancing. Because the messages I received allowed no room for these whispers. I was fortunate that I did not ignore every whispering I received from my heart.

What Does it Mean To Be True To Yourself? My Personal Journey of Finding My True Voice & Path

I learned the art of living off the lowest wages, of doing any job that came up to cover the next train ticket, of feeling at home in all kinds of squalid accommodation, befriending people from all walks of life and all different countries and lifestyles. Each of these experiences cracked me open in some delightful way, allowed the light to flow into my heart and reach the furthest corners where my true essence was lying there waiting for me to tap into it.

I discovered my love for people of all cultures, all races, all backgrounds, a deep compassion for those born and raised into poverty and difficult circumstances, a deep compassion for the planet and all the damage we are inflicting upon it, a deep joy of connecting with other human beings and listening to their stories. At that moment I was on my way back to finish my final year of university, which I knew would be tough, and I knew I would have to do postgraduate degrees after the basic degree to find a good job in my particular field.

Learning and speaking other languages brings me so much joy, I absorb them quickly and easily, with almost no effort. In that moment sitting in the plane, coming back from my overseas holiday, I knew the fun times were over.

From now on it would be hard work, sacrifice, and time to build that much coveted financially secure future…. But what choice did I have? A financially insecure future was no option in my mind of beliefs. I knuckled down and finished my degree with Honours, then on to completing my Doctorate self-sacrifice is honorable right? This is where I started unraveling at the seams. While I was passionate about my chosen field, the whole field was simply not in my zone of genius.

There was no room for failure. My health plummeted; I was drained, depleted and completely exhausted. Yet I had to achieve and do well, after all that was how I would be seen and loved.

October 2019 General Conference - Saturday Sessions

I was chasing that elusive abundant financial future and job security. I was chasing love and approval. As I moved from university into the corporate world, I was finally able to enjoy my first decent income. So it was all worth it right? I had a great permanent work contract with a great company, I had interesting and challenging projects. I was secure. I consistently ignored the signs of my inner wisdom. I over-rode them. I was getting more and more tired, my brain was becoming foggy, my attention span was dwindling.

I was tired, always tired. Physical symptoms started manifesting, indigestion problems, sleep problems, and finally an acute over-active thyroid that caused me insomnia and a loss of 10 kg within one month. Well, not really. When I looked around me, I saw all my friends enjoying life, with active social lives, budding careers, travelling, starting families.

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While I was stuck in pursuing a difficult career that had wonderful career prospects and financial security, but with my physical body that was falling apart and a mind that was in torture but had no idea how to escape it. There was no room for changing my career path. My partner and I had bought a house and we were financially stuck.

We needed my income. There was no room to take time out. As ways to survive I delved into yoga and meditation that helped greatly. I read spiritual teachings, hoping to discover my true life purpose and how to live it. I rested as much as I could. I got help through acupuncture and bio-resonance to alleviate my physical symptoms. I maintained a semi-decent social life. On the surface, things looked pretty good. My career was flourishing, I had been invited to be a Shareholder of my company and I was holding down senior management positions. I was facilitating workshops, attending conferences and presenting well-received papers.

So why was I still always so tired? And why did I feel so empty? Something was missing. I believe the Universe never stops giving us gentle nudges in the direction we need to be going to live our purpose. I had ignored my gentle nudges for so long that they were eventually turning into sledgehammers. The final wakeup call came when my husband and I wanted to start our family.

We went through two devastating miscarriages within a 12 month period. For the first time in my life I actually thought I could no longer go on. I entertained thoughts of leaving this world. Nothing could explain the deep, gut-wrenching pain and sadness I experienced every waking moment. I had always wanted to be a mother. I went straight back to work and into the same old routines and behaviours as before. Over-doing everything. Over-achieving in everything, as a way to prove my worth and that I was good enough. It took a second miscarriage to shake me up sufficiently such that I would walk into the office the next day and request 3 months off work.

I handed over my job and went home to rest, reflect and rejuvenate. For the first time in my life, I was choosing for me and my needs. What an amazing feeling. It was during this time, away from the grind of corporate office life, sipping coffee at the beach one morning, that I had an epiphany.

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I could continue this life of chasing love and approval through things that do not feed me spiritually and emotionally. It felt like a tonne of bricks had been lifted from my shoulders. Here is a breakdown of the themes we will cover in the course:. As humans, we need to feel safe, but most of us are so disconnected from our bodies that we tend to focus on things outside of ourselves to feel safe, like money, partners, career, or our home environment. The truth is that your body is the safest place to be.

In week one of The Journey, I will guide you through overcoming your blocks to safety and teach you how to access safety within yourself, even in times of struggle or fear. Your body is the ultimate healer, you just need to connect with it on a deeper level and trust it. We often turn to our external world to heal, but this does the opposite.

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When you turn your back on yourself and your body, you give away your power. In week two, I will guide you through using the breath to recalibrate your body and learn to trust your incredible vessel so that you can easily access states of peace, harmony, and bliss. When you're in resistance to what is and constantly fight your circumstances, you remain stuck in the struggle. What you resist persists. During week three, I will guide you through breathwork to uncover what you need to process and release from your life.

You will have a better understanding of what you are resisting as well as the blocks that are keeping you from happiness. Before you change, you must fully accept where you are in life. True transformation happens at the intersection of pain and love, and you always want love to be the foundation for growth, healing, and change. In week four of The Journey, we will use the breath to help you hone in on your desires and create a vision of what you want your life to be.