Have You Felt Like Giving Up Lately?: Finding Hope and Healing When You Feel Discouraged

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Let him heal you, get counseling if that helps biblical is what I would recommend and give yourself time to heal correctly. Write a journal to give praises, say what you are struggling with and eventually you will see it will get easier. You dodged a train. Praying that God draws you closer to him during this difficult time. You will get through this, as I did. Katie and Diana- I would like to thank you both for your honesty, bravery, and vulnerability. One year ago, I came across this article looking for hope, and I came away with the first breathe of healing.

I had no idea that my relationship with my ex-fiance was emotionally abusive. I had never heard of the term. For the first time in six months, I heard someone say that the way I was being treated was not my fault. Thank you both for sharing your story; it has made all the difference in mine. Sometimes realizing it helps us move forward and though we hurt, we can still realize what a blessing it is that it can allow us to really heal without blaming ourselves, or overly romanticizing the past.

Praying for your healing as you move forward with strength, wisdom, and joy. I was engaged to a man in another state Texas about a month ago. I had found a job close to him, put in my two weeks notice at the current job and also found someone to take over my lease to my apartment in Virginia. Four days before I was suppose to move my whole life to be with him and five days before my 38th birthday, out of nowhere I get one text at 9pm.

Then I found out he block my number. He just went ghost and disappear from my life like we never met. How could a person be so cruel and evil?

He left me like I was a piece of trash on the side of the road, like I was nothing. I was completely abandoned, no job, no home….. The whole situation was so weird and just out of the blue, it blows my mind. I never heard from him again or know what the heck happened. I would never wish this kind of pain on anyone. Dear Maureen, my jaw dropped open just reading your story. I cannot believe it.

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The nerve, the timing, the audacity of an adult. All I can say is despite how incredibly horrible he has ended this, I will try to find the silver lining for you. I am sorry, I am so sorry that this has left you feeling the way you do. I have to say something about closure though — and this is just my opinion on my own experience. Goodbyes under the most intense, heated, and unfortunate circumstances still hurt. So I try to create closure in my mind and heart by looking at the facts of what I know and what I see and observe. The nights are the hardest for me. Im disgusted by his actions.

Thank you so much for sharing your story and especially thank you for your fast reply with such encouraging words. Hi Maureen, the stillness of the night can leave you with running thoughts. I can only imagine.

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I looked at nights as triumphs for getting through another day, if you can look at it that way, I hope you can find some small victories as the days go on — victory in slowly healing. You are much too good to have such drama happen to you like that which will also make finding a forever love that much sweeter.

Have You Felt Like Giving Up Lately? Hope & Healing When You Feel Discouraged

The rest of your life deserves better. Diana Elizabeth, I am reading your post at 2 am 5 months after my ex fiance left. However, I am struggling to find hope and purpose again. The relationship took more then I thought it would but I cannot seem to make up my mind anymore. Or, I know I would buy a car with all the features that my ex would love and maybe one day she would see that I am changing.

I am scared of finding a new apt because I am not sure if I would make the right choice again. I guess what I am asking is, how do i move on again?

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I am seeing a counselor but every now and then i find myself back in this space again. Did you go through this? How did you over come this? I know how a sleepless night can be full of thoughts and overthinking. Thank you for sharing your story and faith in God. I am so sorry about your confusion and inability to make a decision from fear. I believe your question is actually two questions, how do you move on and find yourself, and how do you make decisions without fearing the consequences? You should live confidently in your decisions. But you cannot make a decision that you will feel confident in until you feel confident in yourself and right now you are probably hurting and not able to think clearly.

Wait until you are healed and able to think clearly, and have confidence in the Lord. I would suggest not doing anything BIG regarding life changes or expensive just yet until you feel like you are in a better place. First, pray and ask God to give you peace, you can ask for specifics that are on your list, he may provide them and that may help you solidify that it was meant to be.

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Then, go confidently. I believe what you mean by avoiding wrong is that you are trying to avoid heartache, headache, trials, difficulties and hardships. But my friend, I have learned through the years life rarely goes our way, there are twists and turns but time goes on and life is full of ups and downs, we cannot upkeep a perfect ideal life.

We get a do-over every single day. So if you do it wrong today, you can do it right tomorrow. Or the next day. Sometimes we have to step out in faith and we cannot be paralyzed in fear if we believe God has a great plan for us. Jobs can be hard, we pray through them and work for men as if for the Lord.

Cars are just vehicles that get us to A to B. Instead, work on yourself and who you need to be. It sounds quite exciting to me that you will be getting a new car, moving to a new place and possibly finding a new job. You will be in an entirely new space living a new life! You move on day by day. You hold captive your thoughts when they wander to pity or self doubt and you focus on the wonderful things every day brings. It gets easier. I promise one day you will realize you have moved on long ago.

Praying for you right now and please let me know if you have other questions, I am happy to help give any advice I can.

Have You Felt Like Giving Up Lately? Quotes by David Wilkkerson

So I did follow your advice and decided to use the time to make the best choice for a car. I also found two new jobs one as an account manager and the other as a medical sales rep and I just need to finalize the process but will make the choice soon. I also found a new place to live, I move in this week. So changes are coming and I am able to make the choices finally.

enter site I am a little confused because before she broke up with me, she looked directly at me into my eyes and told me that she wanted to make this relationship work and our pre-marital counselor and I were convinced. Only to find out that two weeks later that she changed her mind and is leaving.