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Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos The first was a man who opened up about his mental health, his family, and his art in a nearly-two hour interview with radio host Charlamagne Tha God. The second was a Kanye who appeared at the TMZ headquarters where he had this to say:. For years? When Ford returned from a trip later that day, he personally cut the cord from Northup's wrists, arms, and ankles, and he slipped the noose from Northup's neck. Not depicted in the movie, the 12 Years a Slave true story brings to light a second scuffle that Northup got into with Tibeats while Ford and Chapin were away, resulting in Tibeats chasing Northup with an axe.

Fearing impending retaliation from Tibeats, that time he ran away.

However, Northup returned to the plantation after being unable to survive on his own in the harshness of the surrounding swamps. Even though he was forgiven by Ford, the plantation owner decided to sell Northup in part to prevent any more feuds with Tibeats. To Northup's misfortune, he ended up being bought by a much crueler master, Edwin Epps. In fact, the real Edwin Epps was crueler than actor Michael Fassbender portrays him to be in the movie. In addition to Edwin Epps being overcome by "dancing moods", where he would force the exhausted slaves to dance, in real life, Epps also had his "whipping moods".

Epps usually found himself in a "whipping mood" when he was drunk. He would drive the slaves around the yard and whip them for fun. The real Edwin Epps house left prior to its restoration and relocation. The single story Louisiana cottage was less grand than the house shown in the movie. Northup helped to build the home for Epps' family. Yes, but the movie puts more focus on Edwin Epps's alternating passion for and disgust with Patsey Lupita Nyong'o than Northup's memoir. In his book, the real Solomon Northup refers to Epps's "lewd intentions" toward Patsey, especially when he was intoxicated.

In the movie, after Solomon Northup Chiwetel Ejiofor fetches Patsey Lupita Nyong'o , he tells her not to look in Epps direction and to continue on walking. Edwin Epps Michael Fassbender , who was half intoxicated and contemplating satisfying his lewd intentions toward Patsey, demands to know exactly what Solomon said to Patsey. When Solomon refuses to tell him, he chases after Solomon with a knife, eventually tripping over the fence of a pig pen.

In the book, he does chase after Solomon with a knife, but there is no mention of him tripping over the fence. Despite Patsey having a remarkable gift for picking cotton quickly, she was one of the most severely beaten slaves. This was mainly due to Mistress Epps encouraging her husband Edwin to whip Patsey because, as Northup writes, Patsey had become the "slave of a licentious master and a jealous mistress.

Northup states that it was not uncommon for Mistress Epps to hurl a broken bottle or billet of wood at Patsey's face.

As portrayed in the 12 Years a Slave movie, in his book Northup describes one of the whippings that Patsey received as being "the most cruel whipping that ever I was doomed to witness—one I can never recall with any other emotion than that of horror". It was during this whipping that Epps forced Northup to deliver the lashings.

After Northup pleaded and reluctantly whipped Patsey more than forty times, he threw down the whip and refused to go any further. It was then that Epps picked up the whip and applied it with "ten-fold" greater force than Northup had.

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Right: A drawing in Northup's memoir depicts the "staking out and flogging" of Patsey, who can be seen on the ground. Epps is shown directing Solomon to continue the lashings after Solomon throws down the whip and refuses. This pivotal, emotionally-charged scene is perhaps the movie's biggest blunder with regard to the true story. It was most likely unintentional and is the result of the filmmakers misreading a line in Northup's autobiography. In the book, Northup is discussing the suffering of Patsey, who was lusted for by her master and hated by his jealous wife. Gladly would Patsey have appeased this unforgiving spirit, if it had been in her power, but not like Joseph, dared she escape from Master Epps, leaving her garment in his hand.

Patsey wants to escape like Joseph, not kill herself. It seems that the filmmakers misread the line, attributing Mistress Epps' wishes to Patsey. It is a little discouraging to realize that this crucial scene was likely the result of a misunderstood antecedent. In the movie, Patsey Lupita Nyong'o and Mistress Shaw Alfre Woodard , the black wife of a plantation owner, have a conversation over tea. This scene was invented for the film. In his memoir, Northup describes Armsby as a man who came to the plantation looking to fill the position of overseer but was reduced to labor with the slaves.

In an effort to better his role on the plantation, he divulged Northup's secret to Edwin Epps. When Epps confronted Northup, he denied ever writing the letter and Epps believed him. Although it is not shown in the movie, this was not the first time that Solomon Northup tried to have someone help him send a letter home.

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When he was on the ship that brought him south, a sailor helped him mail a letter he'd written. That letter actually made it home to New York and was obtained by attorney Henry B.

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Northup, a relative of Solomon's father's former master. Since Solomon was not yet aware of his final destination, he could not provide a location in the letter. Officials in New York told Henry that no action would be taken until they knew where to look for Solomon. The book reveals that a sailor helped Solomon Northup send a letter home while he was on the ship south. The letter made it, but Solomon was unable to provide his location.

12 Films That Dared to Tackle Slavery

Samuel Bass's portrayal in the 12 Years a Slave movie is very accurate to how Northup describes him in the book, including his argument with Edwin Epps. Much of what Bass Brad Pitt says during that scene is taken almost verbatim from the book, " There's a sin, a fearful sin, resting on this nation, that will not go unpunished forever.

There will be a reckoning yet—yes, Epps, there's a day coming that will burn as an oven. It may be sooner or it may be later, but it's a coming as sure as the Lord is just. Like in the movie, Samuel Bass, who also appears in Northup's autobiography, was influential in Northup's release. Northup began assisting Bass and eventually decided to confide in him after he learned that Bass was against slavery.

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After Solomon shared his story of being tricked and kidnapped into slavery, Samuel Bass became determined to help him, even vowing to travel to New York himself. Some portions of the film likewise tend to drag on. I told you about all of my life, all of my hardships. All rights reserved.

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