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It even has the power to mystically connect this melting pot of emotions simultaneously. This then, is the domain of Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot and those who have followed their career know they have already demonstrated this impressive phenomenon on their two previous albums, transforming their personal feelings into unique musical soundscapes, creating an emotional interface that enables the listener to decode and then assimilate them collectively or as individual sensations.

Eighteen expansive tracks take the listener on a majestic mystery tour through a variety of moods that represent an artist at the peak of their creativity. This emotional, heartfelt approach, realised through a potent mixture of ambient, electronica and techno influences, gives this new work a cinematic sound signature all of its own.

Intriguingly though, it also belongs to a rich tapestry of electronic composers dating back to Tangerine Dream and Jean-Michel Jarre albeit with a contemporary twist, rekindling the flame for a new generation of psychonauts as echoes from the dance floor weave their way into numerous chillout sessions around the globe. Undoubtedly, the album tells a very personal story.

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Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot succeed in evoking the same emotional state in the listener that they themselves felt during its creation, producing an album of real depth, innovation and distinction in the process. Tracklist: A1 Nevergreen B1 Awareness. Following on from the "Tears and Walls" EP, his second release on Cocoon Recordings continues the tonal reference to the origins of techno in a highly unique style. On the B-side "Awareness", Volk conjures up an unforgettably romantic soundscape without sacrificing any energy.

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After a solid minute, the foggy horizon opens up to one of those rare yet incredibly valuable moments, when you suddenly want to embrace the whole world from inside the club. With "Nevergreen" Cocoon Recordings presents an outstanding new 12" release to usher in and in doing so, sets a high standard for the coming year. Once again, the eight tracks on show represent a comprehensive snapshot of the current state of club music as fades into , combining established stars of the scene with eye catching newcomers to create a harmonious overall package.

First up is Berlin based producer youANDme, who have been an integral part of the capital's club life for over ten years as well as running the "Rotary Cocktail" label. His epic floor filler "Claret Loss" kicks off the compilation with a refreshingly reduced yet deep Techhouse showpiece as the "aural—circus" begins.


In fact that's the name of the next track by promising debutant Florian Hollerith. Geneva based, Cadenza producer Quenum then reels in the acoustic madness with the elegant, metallic percussion of "Blue Mountain", while Croatian mastermind Petar Dundov takes the listener into a highly emotional state of weightlessness with the typically anthemic "Pyroelectric". Next, Systematic label boss Marc Romboy scores with "Sequential Error", a perpetually growing ball of energy that lights the way to the dance floor.

In the midst of the mayhem, Italian newcomer Blackrachas offers up a slice of Mediterranean serenity with his snare opus "Paracasta", while veteran DJ and producer Emanuele Inglese from Rome demonstrates his special expertise for dancefloor hedonism with a flurry of modulated sequential breaks on the track "Rain". Nine years on from their last album release for the label "Terminate", , Dan Duncan and Igor Tchkotoua have lost none of their sixth sense for moving the crowd as this uncluttered yet devilishly effective dancefloor double header proves.

Welcome back! Tracklist: Tracklist CD 1 1. E Club Mix 2. Love Over Entropy — 3. Florian Hollerith — Ohrenzirkus 6. Talaboman - Brutal Chugga Chugga L. Dub Corp Remix 7.

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Levon Vincent — Arpeggiator 8. Vermont — Skorbut I:Cube Mix 9. Dub Corp — See The Light Nicolas Masseyeff — Muse 2. Butch — Countach 4. Fabrice Lig — Dark Commodore 5. Robag Wruhme — Veddel Braav 6. Stimming — Frankfurt Main 7. Ejeca — Attack 8. Ilario Alicante — Cocoon Anna — Hidden Beauties Michael Mayer — Lout Younger Rebinds — Tim 's Symphony Krystal Klear — Neutron Dance. It does not matter if a tune is approved by the opinion makers. It's about what you feel personally and what you can create with the music in your work as a DJ.

Like no one else he succeeds in arranging the entire electronic music cosmos, from restrained deephouse to euphoric techno into one, amazing narrative. After 18 years at Club Amnesia, he and his Cocoon crew moved to Pacha to start a new chapter on the seminal island. With Adam Port he turns to more electronic and repetitive sounds, still coming off quite relaxed with the frugal, jazzy piano notes, an artificial gurgling and gentle strings melding the poetry of jazz and synthetic music.

Emanuel Satie acts as a perfect counterpart to Adam Port's stage-rich arrangement with a punctuated, looped organ sound relentlessly digging into our synapses. Florian Hollerith breaks this minimalism with a playful, nimble, organic bass. Hollerith bursts all boundaries having trumpets and voices wander through the acoustic space. Slaters subtle bassline communicates with nuanced organ tones, reminiscent of the milestones of house music introducing a modern twist with shimmering sounds.

The leaping arpeggios spread no nervousness, but a deep relaxation only this summer of the century was able to deliver. This tranquility is swept away by the agile, unpredictable, three-dimensional funk of French-House- Maverick I:Clube. Putting on another track by Luke Slater, he blends the house sound with an unexpected piano improvisation. Little later, with Butch, they sound even more confident and edgy.

Connecting sawing synths with majestic strings Butch creates a techno epic. Fabrice Lig counters with a tongue-in-cheek acid track bursting with a humorous laugh into this rather dramatic mood. With Ejeca he resumes the heavy Chicago house sound of part one, shifting to a more demanding tone. Koze punctuates the groove with unexpected, surreal and funny radio moderation. Ilario Alicante takes on this ball with a series of vocal samples that spread a ghostly and eerie atmosphere.

Its focused, straightforward techno groove is literally swallowed in an instant by an unlikely, swirl-like break.

The season of is over, but the man gives us no time for wistful feelings. After the furious closing of Ibiza in October, he retreats to his Ayurveda ritual. Then he sets off for the "Sound of the Season"-tour which will take him to South America among other destinations. After New Year's Eve, he vacations in Asia like every year taking in inspirations. He will let the season of pass in his inner mind's eye devising a plan how to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Cocoon on Ibiza.

We are definitely looking forward to the crazy that Sven will cook up! Extrawelt are Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Raabe.

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Both have been around for about 40 years, and making music together for half that time. They enjoy normal things and are ashamed of their carbon footprints due to the large number of flights they take to bring them to their gigs.

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  8. Unknown, is the tenth studio album from the producer team, and the fourth under the name Extrawelt. Its largely devoted to another side of their creations. Listening to Extrawelt on crappy speakers is anyway never a good idea, as it really deserves the backing of the loudest and best possible sound system. With this, I leave the audio confines of my low-fi laptop world and get in the car. Cranking up the stereo, I cruise around aimlessly — lost in appreciation of the music from within the bubble of my metal highway-pod on wheels.

    The bass and the beats blow up in my face.

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    Something uncluttered. Something broken. Something grimy. Something sideways. With profound bass lines and cutting drums, I keep coming back to these sounds. Again and again these sounds. On one hand you feel that you know them, on the other hand you don't know them at all. Is that a synthesiser or a voice? Is it rotating or just linear reinvented?

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    Whatever the answer, my mind goes astray. I gotta listen to track seven again. Alternative Electronica? Come though, the time felt right to dedicate an entire album to this side of their musical spectrum. Yours sincerely, Cocoon. Actually, only the sun, sea and wind are more reliable!