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Among other tips, I learned which activities would be helpful and what foods would be best for me to eat. The book was enjoyable to read — it contains enough information and examples to be informative and useful but not so much that it bogs down.

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Perfect balance! In thirteen chapters, this fully annotated work of nonfiction translates Chinese medicine for the layperson.

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With case studies, a succinct approach and a plainspoken ease, the author captures what interested readers need to know to feel good and keep feeling good. Chinese medicine is based on observation, and tends to be a better choice in treating some chronic illnesses, using a variety of modalities. It treats the underlying cause of a particular disease or illness, and in doing so also treats the symptoms.

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How tongue diagnosis works

For articles, tips, and support to help you grow your practice, check out In his twenties, he worked as an EMT and was certified in wilderness emergency medicine to fund his climbing, skiing, mountaineering, and highlining pursuits. Acupuncture, herbal and dietary supplementation, medical massage, cupping, and a variety of other techniques all fall under the broader umbrella of TCM.

Michael Phelps showed up to the Olympics with cupping marks on his body. Turpin points to thousands of years of history—and countless people who swear by the techniques—as evidence enough that TCM is worth a try. Acupuncture: For athletes with chronic pain and ongoing injuries, acupuncture claims to reduce pain. Acupuncturists prick the skin at specific trigger points that are believed to radiate tension and act as the source muscle tightness.

Simple Steps: the Chinese Way to Better Health | Acupuncture Health Insights

Doing so allegedly releases tension and forces muscles to relax. Chinese herbs are prescribed by Chinese Medicine Practitioners based on an in-depth intake, where the root cause of a patient's health concerns is ascertained. Practitioners also use the patient's pulse as well as the appearance of their tongue to determine the diagnosis and appropriate herbal formula. Often Chinese herbs are prescribed during an acupuncture visit; a powerful combination that brings about faster and deeper healing.

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Chinese herbs are prescribed based on a complex system of patterns. Interestingly, a particular medical condition, such as insomnia, can be caused by various different patterns.

For this reason Chinese herbs are best prescribed by a trained professional. Chinese herbs come in several forms including teas, powders, tea pills, capsules, tinctures and tablets. At NaturoMedica, our dispensary is stocked with Chinese herbs in capsule, tablet and tincture form.